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After years of research in the fields of inscription and alchemy, High Mage Mimiron and his Council of the Eight created a collection of magic artifacts known as the Grand Conclave. This collection of unique items were forged with the sole purpose of protecting Kingsvale specifically from evil, greed and enemies of the realm in particular.

Upon completing a set of trials put forth by Mimiron and his Council of the Eight, an adventurer may quest for one of the items and claim it for their own. However, as these items have spirits of their own, part of their enchantment requires them to return to Mimiron if the one in possession of the item should stray from the Conclave’s purpose.

Lorebinder is a spectral spellbook that behaves like a familiar or pet in that it can be summoned & dismissed at will by the wizard. Furthermore, while others can see the ghostly book hovering in the air around the wizard, only the wizard himself can decipher the writing on its pages. By default, has several abilities that travel with the book and are available to its owner at any level of experience; including all class specific spells of levels 1-3. The innate abilities are listed below; and can be used at any time.×150.jpg
Spell Component Inks, Memory Vellum Pages, Spell FocusNA, NA, NA

Once a spell is added to Lorebinder using inks made from the correct spell components, the spell components are no longer needed for future casting of the spell. Each spell is cast as a scroll direectly from the spectral book…however, the number of times a spell can be cast is limited to how many spell slots the wizard has at that level. For instance, if a wizard can cast 2 third-level spells a day, he/she is limited to 2 third-level casts from the book; and he/she didn’t need to pre-memorize these spells., If the spellbook is ever given or somehow taken from a wizard…by another wizard who adds his own spells to the book…when the book is returned, the book remembers the spells the previous owner had stored within its pages. However, when the book changes owners like this, the new owner starts with a blank book of only cantrips, all 1-3 level spells, and the default abilities., The Lorebinder Spellbook also serves as an 50,000gp focus with regards to spell casting and material component value.

Cross-Spell: Level 1, Cross-Spell: Level 2, Cross-Spell: Level 3, Cross-Spell: Level 4, Cross-Spell: Level 51 time/day, 1 time/day, 1 time/day, 1 time/day, 1 time/day1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Level 1: Permanently add 1st Level Spell (Any Class), Level 2: Permanently add 2nd Level Spell (Any Class), Level 3: Permanently add 3rd Level Spell (Any Class), Level 4: Permanently add 4th Level Spell (Any Class), Level 5: Permanently add 5th Level Spell (Any Class)

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