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Wolf & Viper

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After years of research in the fields of inscription and alchemy, High Mage Mimiron and his Council of the Eight created a collection of magic artifacts known as the Grand Conclave. This collection of unique items were forged with the sole purpose of protecting Kingsvale specifically from evil, greed and enemies of the realm in particular.

Upon completing a set of trials put forth by Mimiron and his Council of the Eight, an adventurer may quest for one of the items and claim it for their own. However, as these items have spirits of their own, part of their enchantment requires them to return to Mimiron if the one in possession of the item should stray from the Conclave’s purpose.

Wolf & Viper are a pair of khopesh swords that were forged by the elves of Sablemoon. Their purpose has always been to defend both the High Elves of Sablemoon City and the Wild Elves of Sablemoon Forest from savage invaders from southern continents. However, during the 4th Age: Shadowfell Advance…they were carried by a Female Elven Ranger named Nuala into Kingsvale. She intended on closing the rift from which the minions of the Shadowfell were pouring. However, after falling victim to a terrible betrayal, was killed near the portal and her soul was pulled into a dark domain nestled deep within the shadows of the Shadowfell. Capitalizing on the innate powers of the blades, Nuala projected the blades magically through the Astral Plane back to Sablemoon; where they waited with the elders until there was a worthy hero to wield them. After completing a set of trials on the island of Mimiro, MakakÅ«, the Sanguine Hunter was found to be such a candidate. He was promptly awarded the blades to pursue his quests across the realms.×150.png
Alertness, Psychic Impressions, Hidden CampsiteNA, 1 time/day, 1 time/day

The wielder is never surprised due to a keen sense of intuition and alertness. Because of this, the wielder always has a ’20’ with regards to intiative., Taking his/her tracking to a higher level, the wielder of Wolf & Viper can spend 2 rounds reading the psychic residue in an area. This means not only detecting the passage and direction of travelers through the area; but the wielder is also able to witness traumatic events that occurred. The wielder can reach back as far as 1 month per round spent in concentration. For instance, spending 12 rounds will allow a vision of what occurred in the area up to a year previous., Similar to Mordenkainen’s Mansion, the Hidden Campsite is an extra-dimensional campsite that the wielder can create for up to 8 people to gain a full rest. This campsite can be placed in the harshest environments; and it remains undetectable until the wielder dispels it. A visitor who leaves the campsite appears where the campsite was created; but does not expose any other aspect of the campsite.

Camouflage, Wolf Pack, Unerring Strike3 times/day, 1 time/day, 1 time/day1, 2, 3

The wielder is able to camouflage up to 8 people in a forest-type terrain within 1 round. All perception checks at any range are made at a -5 to detect the hidden group. Any movement reduces this bonus by 1 point per round. However, spells and other actions not requiring mobility may be done without disrupting the effect., Once per day, the wielder may summon a pack of wolves to come to his/her aid. The number of the wolves summoned and the duration of their assistance is equal to the level of the blades., Once per day, the wielder may elect to strike an enemy within range unerringly. However, an attack roll is still may to determine if the attack was a critical strike. Rolling a fumble is still considered a successful attack; as the ability is “unerring”.

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