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After years of research in the fields of inscription and alchemy, High Mage Mimiron and his Council of the Eight created a collection of magic artifacts known as the Grand Conclave. This collection of unique items were forged with the sole purpose of protecting Kingsvale specifically from evil, greed and enemies of the realm in particular.

Upon completing a set of trials put forth by Mimiron and his Council of the Eight, an adventurer may quest for one of the items and claim it for their own. However, as these items have spirits of their own, part of their enchantment requires them to return to Mimiron if the one in possession of the item should stray from the Conclave’s purpose.

Feralsong is a living tree. It is approximately 6′ in length; however, it constantly changes shape and volume to fit the soul and form of the druid who wields it. There are 4 druids who live in the Fey that are known to have carried Feralsong at some point in their lives. They were Dran Ra, Pepper Aspenbell, Bracken Cloudwink and Grimthorne the Ancient×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg
Word of Recall to Grove, Fey Mounts, Spell Focus1 time/day, 1 time/day, NA

Allows the druid to teleport himself and up to 8 other creatures to his/her grove as a bonus action once per day., Once per day, the druid is able to summon up to 8 mounts from the Fey. For ground travel, Spectral Horses are summoned. For flying mounts, Fey Dragons are summoned. For water & underwater travel, Hippocampus are summoned., Feralsong also serves as an 50,000gp focus with regards to spell casting and material component value.

Flame Morph, Terraform, Awaken Forestat will, 3 times/day, 3 times/day1, 2, 3

Interrupt flame attacks up to 10 sq ft of magical or non-magical fire. If a fire attack happens before your turn, you may interrupt 1d20(per Feralsong level) points of the damage dealt. However, this action spends your standard turn for the round., By casting Terraform, the druid can create a living plant life environment of any type in his immediate area…ranging from a simple flowerbed, to a field of grass, to an overgrown jungle. The plant life created is non-magical, normal plant life of a non-exotic type. The terrain created will try to endure in the environment to which it was placed; but must be cared for if the environment is considered hostile or non-friendly to plant life. The area affected by the druid is from 1 sq ft up to a 10 ft square per level of the druid…per casting., An extremely powerful version of the 5th level Druid spell “Awaken”, the druid is able to awaken multiple plants or trees with a single cast. 20 plants per Feralsong level may be awakened per casting of the spell; and serve the druid per the Awaken spell description.

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